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a full time 25 year old art student who still lives in college dorms.
***** is lives in dorms with 18 and 19 year olds, he needs to get a job, can't hide from the real world forever.
by Big D May 02, 2004
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What a lot of young people are in Europe becuase the government pays all their education expenses so what they do is drink and fuck and do drugs all the time while taking the bare minimum in BS classes to keep receiving government funding, which includes cost of living (booze/drug money).

They purposly never graduate so they can continue living the life style they are living for free.
Lukas began his 12th year at University having accomplished nothing except 11 years of being intoxicated most of the time while the government picked up the tab.
by FooberFoober July 23, 2005
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The guys that look down on everyone, young and old, probably into Solipsism because they're that fucking up themselves.

Walk about with a huge swagger and boast about how much money they've got, when in reality, they live in a ditch which a janitor built for them when he saw him lying pissed outside a curry house.

Mostly very poor, but never show this fact.
guy 1.I fucking hate career students.

guy 2.what you on about? youre a student!

guy 1.aye, a student, but not a poxy career student.
by Biafra J July 12, 2004
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