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Someone who is incontinent and shits themselves silly. Kackensplatters often wear adult nappies that are useless, sometimes the explosive mass of turd expands up the nappy onto the back region.
“Keith, Mum has Kackensplatterd again, get your gloves on you have some clearing up to do….!”

Keith sat back to watch T.V. Suddenly a gurgling noise could be heard followed by that distinctive deep “whoosh” sound. Keith new straight away that Mum had Kackensplatterd. Confirmation was met with the overwhelming smell of fresh steaming shit caked on an old woman’s back.
by Bert Fegg October 12, 2007

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When one enters into an irregular bowel movement and produces a stool the size of a human babies arm.
Alison: “Brian, Brian….! Can you call a Paramedic. I have Limb Lump Dumped….!”

Brain: “Alison, not again. These irregular bowel movements must stop. Consider the local sewerage systems. They cannot accommodate stools such as the girth that you produce. Sewerage engineering has some advancement to make before correct distribution of your Turds can be achieved”.
by Bert Fegg November 03, 2007

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When a living organism begins to make "bleeping" noises to a binary code.
That man has started to sound Massettoid. He is making noises such as "Mib", "Bib", "Chib".
by Bert Fegg October 11, 2007

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An old Blanket that smells of chinda and has not been cleaned for some time.
That Dishtoinky smells bad. One must wash it one day.
by Bert Fegg October 11, 2007

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A large section of dried Cow dung that is used in cooking processes by European Gypsies. Typically the Gypsies marinade their chosen food in the Cow dung 17 days before cooking. Sausage Spimbid for example, Sausages left in Cow dung for 17 days then lightly heated before eating.
Mick: “Whaaats for dinner Miss Mick..?”

Miss Mick: “Feck off, Spimbid Sausage.”
by Bert Fegg October 14, 2007

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A faeces based product that offends easily.
That smells of Chinda. Keep it away from me Vanessa....!
by Bert Fegg October 11, 2007

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A large lump anal flesh that has broken away during a distressing bowel movement.
Rob Runtoid: “Alison, what is that down the toilet, it won’t flush away…?”

Alison: “It’s a Frintok Rob. I have been having some problems…..!!”
by Bert Fegg October 31, 2007

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