Steaming shit is where It feels like you are shitting out hot burning steam that is actually shit
Bob took a painful steaming shit and felt as is his anus was on fire
by Oofooflettuce December 22, 2017
When spocks sister takes a shit on your chest.
To live prosperous, is to accept a steam shit on your chest from spocks sister
by Two Gurleys one Kupp October 12, 2017
1. Literally, noun; a pile of feces, often left outdoors in cold whether, that steams while still warm/fresh.

2. Slang, noun; fecal matter that is potent and/or offensive in smell.

3. Adj.; to express dissatisfaction with either a person place or thing.
1. My dog left a big steaming shit in the yard.

2. I don't know what he ate, but that was a big steaming shit he left.

3. This night turned out to be a big steaming shit!
by stinkyfinger November 3, 2013
To clog up someone's bathtub with toilet paper and take a shit in the tub then leave the hot shower running over it to humidify and make the fecal matter airborne
by G-Bozo November 7, 2005
A pile of shit that is steaming because it recently emerged from an anus. In other words, really shitty shit; Or in other words, something blatantly false, incredibly terrible, or both.
"What a steaming pile of shit," Tom said after sitting through Joe's story of how he banged three gorgeous women, won a Formula One race, and was awarded the Nobel Prize all in one day.
by Indica35 September 27, 2015
Describes a very boring person. One who is so lame, they would happily watch the vapour from freshly dumped excrement rather than have a life. An accountant maybe.
Dude 1: "So how's you new job? Good boss?"
Dude 2: "Total bummer man! The boss would watch shit steam rather than do anything useful!"
by Wizards Sleeve January 4, 2007
A shit witch rips open your asshole that you take primarily after you have been holding it in to finish a game of Call of Duty and
My god bro I took a giant steaming shit I think I fractured my ass
by Normal British child August 30, 2020