84 definition by Ben Dover

1. Someone who doesn't think before speaking. ie- unintelligent

2. A closed minded- ignorant, bigoted,prejudist, anti-cultural,intolerant or homophobic individual who usually has drowned his/her brain with alcohol.
3- a conservative with a fascist twist.
The hick saw the two men holding hands and yelled at them- then, the pea-brain drove into the ditch for not watching where he was going. Karma is such a bitch sometimes!
by Ben Dover November 10, 2003

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Similar to tea bitch
"Kyle - clean the kitchen you kitchen b*tch!"
by Ben Dover March 15, 2004

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Big, or realy big. Being characterized by bigness. adj.
Shit! That dumper bitch just flicked me off.
by Ben Dover December 31, 2003

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meaning biaccchh!!!!!!
wack ass tigglebiddy!!!!
by Ben Dover November 14, 2003

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Definition; person you like to use and abuse to will of your own.
That girl is such a fucktart, shes been round every day in the chinese calender.
by Ben Dover February 03, 2003

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something to say after getting a girl up the ass
I guy is pumping a girl in the ass but she says stop cuz she cant handle the dick so he said " Got'Em!"
by Ben Dover May 23, 2003

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like peach fuzz but on your ass
"bum fluff is not real facial hair.
do not try and grow a beard of bum fluff"
by ben dover March 24, 2003

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