a backtrack or a way of correcting what you just said
i think its in my room...no, i lie, i gave it to pancho
by angelacia March 14, 2009
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to lie about something, not in a sense of not telling the truth, but more like you were kidding. Not to be confused with the act of lying (i.e. lying about your income) more of a means to either cover up something you just said but shouldn't have, or to just confuse someone else. Can also be pronounced with massive emphasis on the I... as in EYE lie.
You are a such an idiot, i lie!
Oh, i ate your sandwich... uhh, i lie
by Amir M. June 6, 2007
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something u say after someone says something you don’t agree with , used a lot on stan twitter
person 1 : bts’ album flopped!! blackpink outsold

person 2 : me when i lie
by ashtoofat November 6, 2021
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this word is literally manasvi, it can be used after a follow up as an insult when someoen says something not true
manasvi says "im so pretty" i say "me when i lie" so manasvi is me when i lie
by Ry but cool August 24, 2023
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When you say something outrageous, but clearly is also true. Usually told to someone who might take offence.
Jim: You have to be in shape to wear a midriff. Looks to me like Jenny needs to hit the gym
Mike: WTF--Jenny is my girl!
Jim: Then you should know.
Stop me when I lie.
Mike: Well…she does look like she has a nick-knack sack.
by michaelray703 July 31, 2008
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They are most likely lying
"Bro I never lie trust me"
by OctoboiYT November 11, 2021
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