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A Semi-Mythical work of litreature, documenting the many uses, bastardisations and paraphrases containing the term Rat, compiled one week in August 2003 by a group of dedicated skivers.

Only one of the original seven bound copies is now known to exist.
It was a good week, work was minimal and the emails were flying. The Rat was out there - squeaks were coming left, right and centre and the Dictionraty was born
by Ben Armitage November 5, 2007
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A name for stretch marks on an otherwise fine woman.

From Fat and Patina
"Dude,such a shame about Britney, since her kids her ass is like cottage cheese"

"Mate it's her Fatina"
by Ben Armitage August 1, 2022
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1. Gujarat is a state in the Republic of India.

2. A Fine example of Hebrew/Yiddish Womanhood (gu-jew-RAT)
2. Ratter #1: "Hey, that Nigella Lawson - Gujarat"
Ratter #2: "Squeak"
by Ben Armitage November 5, 2007
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Standard response to a seemingly impossible to correct mistake, based on the often said query to any type of mobile phone damage.
Dave "FFS I just reversed my new car into the car park wall and totaled the bumper"

Terry "Did you try putting it in rice?"
by Ben Armitage February 12, 2022
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