1. Medically speaking, sometimes a womanhood covers more of a clitoris than others do.

2. As an accomplished master in the art of cunnilingus, Jacob knew how to slide back the womanhood with his tongue and work the clit like crazy.
by Ranger Rickiedickiedoo August 25, 2009
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1. losing your personality as a woman.

2. losing your virginity (for females).
Kyle: Marisol. You're losing your womanhood to Trevor?

Marisol: No, where did you hear that?
by PJATOSROCKS09 April 30, 2011
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The action of taking the full virginity of a woman (female).
Having completed all forms of sex especially anal weather by force, rape, or choice.
Bro #1: The only girl at the party we were at yesterday, I took her womanhood!
Bro #2: No way, you did that? Did she scream!
Bro #3: Hell yeah, I can claimed that!
by Shawnee02 March 1, 2020
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Pain that occurs during menstruation.
Symptoms include:
Pelvic pain
Joint or muscle pain
Headache or migraine
Fatigue accompanied by pain
Abdominal bloating that causes pain
Breast tenderness
I am experiencing chronic womanhood pain.
by Glocknheelz January 26, 2023
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