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British TV-Chef known for her large chest, ridiculous adjectives and ability to have multiple orgasms while cooking.
Is it just me or did nigella lawson just orgasm while squeezing that lemon?
by JSV24 July 10, 2008
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A ridiculously attractive, sexy British TV chef. There are other British TV chefs, but she is definitely the most enjoyable to watch. Her dialogue is easier to follow than that of Jamie Oliver (who talks like he is on acid), and she doesn't have the crass vocabulary of Gordon Ramsay. She is especially popular with males aged 18-40, and if you ever watch one of her shows you will see why. Basically she possesses an incredible bust, and has a sensual demeanor that makes her hot, even when cutting onions or scaling a fish.

Her recipes are actually pretty neat too.
I don't normally watch cooking shows, but I make an exception if it has Nigella in it

I would rather spend a day with Nigella Lawson than a whole week with Megan Fox. Megan is fine, but Nigella is fiiiiiiner
by sahboh11 November 30, 2011
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