A person who stalks people using their phones, laptops or other connected cameras. A so-called "hacker" who breaks into your device just to stalk you using your camera.
I think I have a ratter, my camera keeps turning on.
by haix November 25, 2019
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An ugly person who has a lack of personal hygiene and/or has had alot of sexual partners. Usually used to describe females.
1. Nick: "Did you shag that bird last night mate?

Dez: "Yes mate! She was a reight ratter!"

2. "Stay away from her mate, she's a right ratter."

3. "Errrrgh....You Ratter! Dirty rat-bag!"
by BabyWildins January 11, 2010
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fuckhead, wanker, shithead, mainly someone that pisses you off
your a ratter!
by kim August 18, 2003
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a ladies sexy part, where babies come from. often used by australian teenagers.
example 1: mate, did you see michelles ratter the other night! phwoar, looked like a second arsehole.

example 2: my ratters not been right since someone ryan o'leary'd it, tried a hot bath, just bled.
by ricky cranckshaft 118 May 20, 2009
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A man / woman who is ginger and has ginge pubes , but says they aren’t .
Errr that ratter is a right nonce !
by IHaveJhonnys January 1, 2018
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