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The first letter in the English alphabet.
You at 30 years old: What is the first letter in the English alphabet?
Me: A, you retard. You're 30 years old and you've wandered around in a drunken stupor for a few years on this god damn ranch. Do something with your life.

And that's the story of how George Bush became President.
by Beanchan May 02, 2005

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What God plays when he's playing video games.
You: Damn, God. You rule at F-Zero.
God: Damn straight, playa. I've been practicing for nine millenia.
by Beanchan April 17, 2005

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The greatest non-video game past time on the face of the 3rd planet.
You: dood, lets go play some ping pong, damnit.
by Beanchan April 24, 2005

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Popularized from the mid-90's Nickelodeon show, The Angry Beavers, and commonly used by the brown beaver, Dagget.

Spoot can be used in the place for any swear word, like shit(1), fuck(2), or ass (3). Can also be written in "1337" form as $p00t or $p007.
1: "Uh oh, the car broke down."
"Aw spoot."

2: "Man, you still owe me $5."
"What the spoot?! I paid you that last week."

3: "Ha ha, I heard that Tim owned you i CS last night."
"Bite my spoot."
by Beanchan June 09, 2005

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Its a monkey. And they told me that i needed to have at least 20 letters, so im filling space.
x: (:(|)
y: Its a monkey.
by Beanchan May 08, 2005

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Part of Atom and his Package's "Snowshoe BBQ." Highly advised to play with when building a igloo or creating a meaty beefy stew.
You: Fuck, I'm bored.
Me: Let's play with Rubick's Boob!
Both: Yay!
by Beanchan April 17, 2005

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The most important organ on a male's body, most often used to win arguments by comparing the size thereof.
Me: Ha ha, you got your penis cut off.
You: yep, im gonna go kill myself.
by Beanchan April 24, 2005

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