"Wow, I really don't understand why you looked up THE FREAKING LETTER A"
by xxTrashyMilkCartonxx May 8, 2018
Why the fudge u looking up A ARE YOU THAT BORED.
by Thereal🥴 March 6, 2020
The grade that will impressive everyone except Asian parents
To normal parents: wow, that’s great! I’m so proud of you!
To Asian parents: that’s average. Do better
by spectre729 July 30, 2019
Jan Zelezny: "Some dude on urban dictionary looked up the letter A in 2019!?"

Jimmy Kimmel: "Go throw spears or some shit."
by S.S Pepe January 25, 2020
You are looking this letter up
Are you gonna look up the letter B next
by An Indian man🇮🇳 October 17, 2019
A wise word said by a wise shark
by Aweebo October 3, 2020