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Angry Beavers was one of the last great Nickelodeon cartoons, featuring two hilariously funny beaver-brothers, which was unfortuantely cancelled in the great purge of funny.
Angry Beavers ROCK(ed)!
by The Monkey King May 12, 2005
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one of the two angry beavers from the nineties cartoon on nickelodeon. quite possibly the best cartoon ever.

there were two brothers. daggett and norbert.

if you were a nineties child, you watched this show. and of course ah! real monsters. =p

When their parents have another litter, Norbert (the smart one) and Daggett (the stupid one) Beaver have to strike out on their own. Their new home on a lake in middle of the forest seems to be the scene of most every odd occurrence imaginable. The two beavers have to deal with wacko government scientists, 100-foot walking splinters, super-long teeth, a fish so big it can swallow a Swede, a giant cricket, the dreaded stinky toe, evil mind-controlling pond scum, a Swamp Witch, zombies, Mexican wrestlers, lying documentary-film makers, a stupidity potion, a big fat hairy naked Canadian, and a too-friendly robot, along with many other problems. In the midst of all this, Norb and Dag satisfy their love of Grade-Z 50's sci-fi, hot peppers, Yoo-hoo, and, of course, wood. Life as an angry beaver is excellent, to say the least.
by ilovecrackcocaine August 05, 2006
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going down on a female and ripping out pubic hairs with one's teeth
I was giving her oral when she made fun of me, I then proceeded to give her an angry beaver.
by Chris Cole November 12, 2003
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When you try to slide your panties to the side and ride your man's face but end up giving him rug burn instead.
"Yo man what happened to your face?"

"Ah bro, I was trying to tongue the dam down last night but got a mouth full of angry beaver instead."
by sikpuhp April 23, 2016
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Angry Beavers was a nickelodeon cartoon about two brother beavers.
Ryan: Hey do you remember the show Angry Beavers?
Ryan They are bringing it back, but I heard they are changing the name to The View
by infamousqweaf April 16, 2009
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