Definition #1:

An excuse one will say after committing regrettable action.

Definition #2:

An explanation given by the accused when they are faced with severe consequences.
Example #1

A kid on a chatroom joked about blowing up a daycare. A week later, police storm his house and arrest him. When questioned why during interrogation, he said: "It was just a joke" and then he was sentenced to three years in prison.

Example #2

A drunk news anchor accidently says "nigger" during a leaked sex tape. When questioned by the public why did he say it, the anchor replied "it was just a joke" and was promptly fired from his job.
by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz September 15, 2017
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Another way to say "I'm a dick," used by said dick to paint a person's reaction to a distasteful joke as unreasonable/
I have no respect for peoples' identity, culture, or feelings, but I don't want to face the consequences of that lack of respect, so I'll simply say, "It's just a joke."
by Intelleblue May 11, 2021
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British English slang used to mean, "for the sake of it; for a laugh".
It is used to justify doing something (usually when pratting around) when there is no good reason - see examples
"Oi, play chicken when the headmaster comes along, just for jokes"
"ite, watch!"

"We was bored so we decided to play strip poker, just for jokes - Anna ended up completely naked"
by I AM Mr Smith October 05, 2009
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Three words that kids always use as an excuse to allowing shooters (but that won't work at all because it's still not allowed).
"Hey, why are you arresting me? It was all just a joke
by Unlord123 May 24, 2019
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something you say after you state the truth and get yelled at.
Teacher: Listen boy, you're in detention for the next 3 weeks whether you like it or not.

Boy: I seriously don't give a shit, man.


Boy: Just joking...
by july72011 July 07, 2011
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1. A term coined by Anna, it allows the person to freely say how they feel about something that might be to rude or controversial. It is then said with hesitation after the statement you have made so that people do not get offended.
1. You look really pretty today.....................*sigh* JUST JOKES
2. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YOUR HAIR IS SO YUK ............................. *sigh* JUST JOKES
3. You look really fat........................................ *interuption by 3rd party to avoid conflict* SHES JUST JOKING.
by clickclack July 30, 2008
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the thing you tell the principal when you type into google download hentai free on a school account.
Principal: why did you search for that?
Kid: I was just joking. Plz no kill
by literallynobody October 22, 2020
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