Definition # 1

One who has a positive sentiment towards death.

Definition # 2

A label used by members of anti-aging, transhumanist, longevity, life extension, etc communities to identify those who are against said group's ideologies/goals pertaining to extending human life beyond the natural lifespan (curing aging, digital immortality, biological immortality, etc).
Example # 1

Transhumanist: Without life extension, I will not live long enough to visit new planets or experience the technological singularity.

Deathist: Why do you want to be immortal? Won't life become boring after 200 years? You will see all your loved ones die!

Example # 2

Deathist: Death brings meaning to life! Getting old is a beautiful thing. It makes us feel that our time is limited and pushes us to do great things!

Old man in wheelchair: Tell me more about what a beautiful thing aging is.
by Bankrupt_Spetsnaz November 26, 2020
People that are prejudice against people that die on certain days.
person one "he's a deathist" other person "wat do u mean"person one " well his borther died on a thursday and he hasn't prayed for him since".
by Macavely January 29, 2011