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Grag is the life and the source of all energy in the universe.
Do not say it in front of him, for he will have no desire.
1. "Without grag, we'd all be dead."
2. "Grag is love, grag is life."
3. "Woooaaahhh, you can't say the G-word."
by The magical EE April 22, 2019
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n. A person, when playing video games, who is unaware of the situation at hand, and fails to realize that Sun Tzu is right, therefore dying.

v. (Gragging): The art of failing Sun Tzu's dictations of warfare, in the video game world. When gragging, one fails to work as a team and therefore perishes.
Lol, what a grag, he's about to die.

Amg amg. I'm about to grag!

Silly noob gragging around.
by Aconitum August 13, 2012
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graggin the grag, yo
keepin' it grag since nineteen-seventy-grag
by grag balbrady March 04, 2005
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To fondle with a fork, or other kitchen utensil; To rip apart with a stick
Don't make me grag you!
by Rie July 09, 2003
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Chad: Dude, sorry.... I graged your mom last night.
Steve: Oh, its ok I graged you mom too.
by BigDawg89 May 02, 2010
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a white guy, usualyy with a fro, who is gangsta
G-rag will fuck you up cuz he's from trillville cuz!!
by Britany March 19, 2004
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Drag for girls it usually consists of overly large shirts or hoodies sometimes with obscenely masculine messages printed on them such as"Instant asshole just add booze" (shows picture of guy w/ bottle of booze).
Alex: Dude did you see Lilly today? She was wearing an oversized black hoodie with "blow me" written on it.

Brad: Dude, that was a total grag outfit.
by emomangaman March 05, 2008
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