To describe a southener in the context of (idiot, rascal, spoon, plonker)
Aw man, you slice
by Jazzy razzy November 1, 2013
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Equivalent to the saying “get jiggy with it”, used to describe when a person is trying to get with someone that they are interested in or “get a slice”.
Guy1: Bro Jane texted me last night.
Guy1: ah man you gotta get you a slice.
by Julliaaa July 23, 2019
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Used commonly by football hooligans, 'I'll slice you open like an envelope' can hint that the person saying the phrase is carrying a knife and intends to use it lethally on the person they are saying the phrase too. Can also mean that the person it's being said too acts 'big' and 'untouchable' and the person saying it is easily going to beat them up.

Football hooligan- 'you think you can take me on?'
Opposing team football hooligan- 'I'll slice you open like an envelope'
by Cpfcjames September 5, 2016
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