A being of pure awesomeness. they are smart, attractive, charming and humble, the perfect picture of humanity. Sloss's are extremely patriotic and will defend their friends/family with their lives and will never back down. Sloss's are generally amazing in bed and always have the sexiest girlfriends. If you're ever lucky enough find a Sloss who is single take him while you have the chance!
Girl one: Whos that sexy beast?

Girl two: Thats my boyfriend, I'm so lucky to have him he's such a Sloss. :)
by Jackey boi May 29, 2011
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by sloss November 7, 2020
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fighting in a very old fashioned way. Bare hands and only alternating punches are allowed.
They took it outside. Mike started by throwing a punch and Ivanov replied with a right hook. It was slossing.
by mr rascal January 7, 2012
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The common definition for an extremely hairy pussy, especially one on a hairier than average girl. However undesirable that may sound, appears very attractive to hispanic males, redneck females and some real men from the Caribbean.

"Hairy" may be substituted for "bearded" to provide for variations in vocabulary.

May be found at the pussy mall
"Dude, my nine got tangled in that bearded sloss."
"Fuuuck I wanna stick my jamaican salami in that hairy slossss"
by Penis and Twat-man October 18, 2005
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The act of washing one's manlihood in the sink, most commonly practised with water although on VERY rare occasions (once) done with mouthwash.
He decided a quick 'Slossing' was needed in order to freshen up in preparation for doing the "uhh."

I was on a promise, but after throwing shapes all night I knew I'd have to give my balls a quick 'Slossing.'
by Renf September 15, 2018
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Disgusting is the word that comes to mind.I warn you, don’t look too closely after a large meal, or it will all come up. unfortunate eyesight is only one of the many imperfections flaws and misgivings that sloss possesses. Would be accurate to refer to he/her her (hard to tell) as Slodge.
Sloss? Ew. Sounds and looks like slodge.
by herroyalhighness February 9, 2021
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