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A truly great president for what he managed to accomplish during his very short term, although seems to be remembered more as a martyr due to his assasination than for his political accomplishments since he has not had much time.
John F. Kennedy's assasination was a day of national mourning.
by axon December 30, 2004
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Probably the most polarizing American President in modern history. Viewed by Republicans as an honest, religious man, and by Democrats as a politically inept "puppet" controlled by his VP- Dick Cheney, and his cabinet.
He became president in 2000 after a disputed election against former Vice-President Al Gore. The election had many doubt whether Bush was even elected properly since he lost the popular vote, and possibly even Florida (recounts were stopped by the Supreme Court). His first term was marked by many occasions such as 9/11, Afghanistan Invasion, and the Iraq Invasion which divided the country even further. Despite wide predictions, he won a second term in the long, bitter, and venomous 2004 election against Democratic candidate John F. Kerry. What exactly his second term will bring is yet unknown.
George W Bush is not a very good public speaker.
by axon December 30, 2004
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The first un-elected American president. He was first appointed Nixon's VP when Spiro Agnew resigned and then after Nixon was forced to resign following Watergate, he became the president and remained so for 3 years.
Gerald Ford is good friends with Jimmy Carter despite the fact that he lost presidency to him.
by axon December 30, 2004
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1. A person who is Lightning Fast in SQL query generating.

2. An extremly lazy Canadian, that has rejected an offer of "10 Asian women" in exchange for "traveling to visit a friend and drink some vodka."
1. 10:03:22 PM PERSON: hey, do you know a query for if I want to transfer an existing character to another account?
10:03:28 PM azndragon: UPDATE `char` SET account_id = 99999 WHERE name = 'some character name'

2. Person: hey.. how about I give you 10 Asian women ( church girls ) plus Lots of fun at my place with FTA satellite system, unlimmited amount of console games, and awesome people to LAN with.. in exchange for you.. taking some sort of transportation to hawkesbury.

Azndragon: nah.. I think I'll pass. plus, I dont drink.
by Axon October 27, 2004
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In 1992, Bill Clinton was a not-so-popular small southern senator who, despite speculation of many, won the Democratic Primaries. He ran against current incumbent George Bush I. Even though he was jeered at first and nobody believed he would have a chance, he eventually won the election by a landslide. His first term was generally a time of growing economy and good progress which made it easy for him to defeat Bob Dole in 1996 by an even bigger landslide than 1992. However, by most people his second term is remembered more for its scandals such as the Monica Lewinsky scandal in which the president was impeached for lying about his sexual relations with an intern. This severely marred his reputation and the reputation of his administration (which is often blamed for Gore's defeat since he could no longer rely on Clinton's popularity). He exited presidency in 2000 and retired. In 2004 he underwent bypass heart surgery.
Bill Clinton was a controversial figure but achieved a lot.
by axon December 30, 2004
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