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1. A person who is Lightning Fast in SQL query generating.

2. An extremly lazy Canadian, that has rejected an offer of "10 Asian women" in exchange for "traveling to visit a friend and drink some vodka."
1. 10:03:22 PM PERSON: hey, do you know a query for if I want to transfer an existing character to another account?
10:03:28 PM azndragon: UPDATE `char` SET account_id = 99999 WHERE name = 'some character name'

2. Person: hey.. how about I give you 10 Asian women ( church girls ) plus Lots of fun at my place with FTA satellite system, unlimmited amount of console games, and awesome people to LAN with.. in exchange for you.. taking some sort of transportation to hawkesbury.

Azndragon: nah.. I think I'll pass. plus, I dont drink.
by Axon October 27, 2004
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