When Mr. May is feeling lonely, he goes to the kitchen grabs a chicken breast and starts jeering.
by xxshuaxx March 31, 2015
A jerking queer. Someone who jerks so much that it's all they talk about and do. They feel the need to sag their skinny jeans all day, yell out nigga frequently, make videos of their repetitive dance style and be loud. In general, someone who jerks too much.
"What the hell!? This freaking jeer keeps talking so loud, it's hurting my head."
by J.1 May 13, 2010
Shortened version of the term Jeer whore. See Jeer whore.
by Ginga Ninja June 17, 2004
Someone who is stupid and appears to seek out jeering in insults with the sheer volume of stupidity that comes from his/her mouth
"Please tell that Jeer whore to shut the fuck up!"
by Ginga Ninja June 16, 2004
Originally in Readers Digest, a list of told actions on modern American life.
Urban Dictionary is the new call of Cheers and Jeers.
Now gimme a thumb, Cheers or Jeers?
He decided that he wanted to write his own class of Cheers and Jeers, so he chose Urban Dictionary as the ultimate platform
by Echo Nova January 19, 2022