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Vehicular homicide linked to McDonalds. People focused on drowning their fat asses in lipids will often ignore basic traffic laws, racing to the scene of the nearest McDonalds, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Additionally, even after sating their burger lust, these Mcmurderers may often be too busy wolfing down fries to take notice of their surroundings, making them disproportionately likely to cause an accident.

Steering wheel slippage due to greasy fry fingers may also be a possibility.
My friend was Mcmurdered at that intersection when that hamburglar motherfucker ran him over.
by Ator February 26, 2008

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The phenomenon that occurs when someone leaves the bathroom with a piece of toilet paper hanging out of their pants, giving the illusion that they are in the middle of a game of flag football.

*Guy walks by with tp hanging out of the back of his pants*

Witness #1: "Dude--that guy is playing flag football! You gonna let him score?"

Witness #2: "Bitch, I ain't tuggin that shit!"
by Ator February 27, 2008

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Similar to the dirty sanchez, with the horrific modifier being the large quantity of feces that is smeared across the victim's face, leaving them with fecal facial hair similar to the famed woodsman from tv's The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.
I was going to give Amy the dirty sanchez, but I got carried away and before I knew what happened she was left with the dirty grizzly adams....may the gods forgive me.
by Ator February 27, 2008

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A monstrously fat woman resembling a walrus wearing cheetah print pants.
Me: "Look there goes cheetus stuffing her fat fucking face with....is that raw chuck steak?"

Cheetus: "Num num num num"
by Ator February 26, 2008

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Someone named Rosie, who is semi-retarded and fully psychotic.
Guy #1 "Dude, my sister Rosie fucking burned the house down when she tried playing her Kelly Clarkson CD in the toaster. Then she beat the shit out of the firemen when they would'nt let her drink from the fire hose."

Guy #2 "Weak. Your sister is a fucking turdmonster!"
by Ator November 29, 2006

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When a guy ejaculates on a womans face
Hey did you give her an a. johnson?
by Ator February 01, 2006

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When something bad happens to a dog.

Derived from Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting operation.

It should be noted that emphasis needs to be placed on the z, ie; "bad newzzzzz".
5 Year Old Boy: *sniffle* My doggie got runned over by a car...

Me: That's bad newz kid. Now go watch some Pokemon or something.
by Ator February 27, 2008

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