"Damn man, you got that raw huh!!?? I'll take a ball for sure."
"She talked my fuckin ear off last night..she was yacked up on that raw we got."
"This shit in Boston is whack man. When I was in Columbia we got that raw--its a whole different drug."
by YackedUp999 January 03, 2014
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lady gaga fan 1: hey lady gaga fan 2, how does lady gaga like her steak?

lady gaga fan 2: uhm... everyones heard the joke already.. raw raw raw. ha.ha. not funny anymore

lady gaga fan 1: aw D:
by LeesaMeesa April 17, 2010
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What Gordon Ramsay say's when something is raw and then get's pissed off
chef:here's the porkchop

Ramsay:hey you donut,it's Raw,its Raw
by coolchefbeans June 20, 2016
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When Something Is Cool, On Point, Or Naturally On Fleek.
Boy 1: Aye That's Raw.
Boy 2: What Those Jordan's? I Know I Need Me Some Of Those.
by R3n33_Bab3 November 01, 2015
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Rough sex with no condom. Brain-scrambling, will probably give you a limp, a little bit regrettable. Lube can be used but usually isn’t needed.
“I’m gonna go out, get absolutely rawed tonight and worry about consequences later.”
by McLovin September 16, 2018
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syn pure, unadulterated, hard core, serious, no kidding, no shit
that porsche was RAW.
by alpha mu December 19, 1999
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When he fucks you without lube or a condom
"My boyfriend rawed me so hard yesterday i couldnt walk"
by Probablynotcereal September 30, 2015
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