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A town in Norway.
I got a greeting card from a friend. It said, "Greetings from Hell, wish you were here!"
by Atomic Chainsaw November 25, 2003

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Some dude who don't like it.
Rock the Casbah!
by Atomic Chainsaw November 28, 2003

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A really cool guy who doesn't get as much attention and/or fans as his brother, Mario. Taller and slimmer than Mario, and dresses in green.
Luigi will kick Mario's sorry ass one day.
by Atomic Chainsaw November 27, 2003

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Kick-ass Ranger from the Lord of the Rings. Made even more of a badass by being played in the movies as Viggo Mortenson.
Aragorn will kill j00.
by Atomic Chainsaw December 23, 2003

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1. One of the greatest cartoon characters ever, along with Invader Zim. Star of the show Rocko's Modern Life, the best cartoon. Period.
Rocko works at kind-of-a-lot-of-comics.
by Atomic Chainsaw November 26, 2003

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The best punk band ever. No one can become greater than them.
Rock the Casbah>>>>>>All
by Atomic Chainsaw November 27, 2003

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1. An incredibly insane or retarded person, mabye both.
2. A crazy kid who tried to jump in a dumpster and likes to be probed.
That kid's such a Trotbot. He tried to stick a fork up his ass.
by Atomic Chainsaw November 20, 2003

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