The greatest cartoon character of all time. He is a walaby from Australia.
Rocko lives in O'Town with his dog Spunky.
by Tara Whittington April 10, 2003
1. One of the greatest cartoon characters ever, along with Invader Zim. Star of the show Rocko's Modern Life, the best cartoon. Period.
Rocko works at kind-of-a-lot-of-comics.
by Atomic Chainsaw November 26, 2003
Lead character of the absolutely fucking hilarious '90s cartoon, Rocko's Modern Life. Often seen with friends Heffer and Filburt. He is a wallaby from Australia that immigrated to O-Town. Works at kind-of-a-lot-of-comics. Rocko is the coolest cartoon character ever.
by rocko 'n' roll baby September 24, 2003
Fucking hilarious cartoon.
Rocko is a wallaby from Australia. His best friends are Heffer and Filburt and his dog Spunky. Rocko lives in
O-Town and he lives next to Mr And Mrs Bighead. Mr Bighead hates Rocko but Mrs Bighead had a crush on him. Rocko works at Kind-Of-A-Lot-O Comics with his smoldering old toad boss, Mr Smitty.
"heh-heh oh my" "Spunky! Pew! Bad dog!" "Oh yeah, well you're just a smoldering old toad!" "Heffer!!!"
Rocko rules!!!
by Corb August 29, 2004
A venue/bar/grill in Manchester, NH where many local bands play. Home to the famous moshing of John Preston. Also, it's located in the ghetto part of Manchester, where many shootings take place.
Tool: Yo d00dmanbrosifguymale, did you catch that sick hxXxc show at Rocko's on friday?

Another Tool: Yeah, bro. That stupid band UnderBrightLights was playing again.

Tool: d00d they suck ballsack.
by chrismartin69 February 19, 2009
The main character of the popular cartoon, Rocko's Modern Life. Rocko lives with his dog, Spunky. His friends are Heffer(bull) and Filburt(turtle).
by Anonymous November 1, 2004
Short/slang for rocket. A total ten. Completely perfect, the ideal woman or man.
Guy 1: "Damn. That girl's body is redonculous
Guy 2: "And look at that smile."
Guy 1: "She's a friggin rocko."
by Haleybabyyy October 20, 2013