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(1) It is.
(2) It has.

N.B. Not to be confused with "its," which is the possessive of "it."
(1) Contact. It's the answer.
(2) It's been real slow 'round here since the new sheriff arrived.

WRONG: The dog wagged it's tail.
by ASP November 17, 2003
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internet shortcut of the french word "foncedé" meaning high, stone, or any other term meaning you smoked enough weed for now.
tin chu fzd.
by Asp April 05, 2004
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One of the bestest radios one can get in Paris
101.5 baby time fer the novamix
by Asp April 14, 2004
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When a guy keeps his cum in a pot by his bed.
oh my god! have you seen Sam Olivers Goodle.
by Asp April 25, 2003
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What Would Austin Do? The short hand version of the ultimate question used at wwad.us Used to promote simplification of an overly complex statement into a single word.
asp: It's time for DAY 17 of WWAD!
auz: crap.
by asp December 19, 2003
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The one and only ASP MAN!
Usualy accompanied by Aaron Smart and the G.P CREW!
'Hey Asp!'
'Sup Asp?'

Come on people its a name how hard is it to use a name.
by Asp January 11, 2005
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