The characters of any GTA game can throw their back out carrying 2000 rounds of this.
by SAlpsu January 4, 2005
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(n) Any of the variants of General Electric's 20mm M61A1 Vulcan Gatling anti-materiel cannon system chambered for 7.62 NATO or smaller cartridges. The M134A1 minigun is an air-cooled, belt-fed machinegun utilizing a rotary assembly of (usually six) barrels to propel 7.62x51mm bullets at extremely high cyclic rates of fire, ranging from 600 to 6000 rounds per minute, depending on adjustments made to its electrical feed system. Logistically, the minigun is often used as a helicopter-mounted weapon, manned by a single gunner. An experimental version, the XM214, is another type of minigun chambered for the smaller 5.56 NATO cartridge.
The soldiers, with the help of their minigun-equipped helicopter, were able to make short work of the enemy and report back to base in time for chow.
by Asmodeus December 8, 2003
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Heavy machine gun with a rotary barrel system, powered by a motor, usually electric, sometimes diesel. A motorized version of the gatling gun, which is technically a repeater rifle, since the action of operating the crank on the Gatling was required for each shot. Modern miniguns have rates of fire exceeding 166 rounds per second.

The US Navy employs miniguns in tandem with radar as an anti-missile system called Close-In Weapon System (CIWS).

The cannon on most modern jet fighters is usually a 20mm minigun, with the exception of the A-10 Warthog, which has a 30mm minigun.

Miniguns are seldom used by military infantry forces due to their propensity to devour ammunition, as it can easily go through more ammunition than an entire squad can carry in a few minutes or less.
He took that minigun and lit that bastard's ass up
by Big Tim August 1, 2003
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The M136 7.62x51mm gun produced by General Electric. It is a six-barrel gatling using a electric or hydraulic drive.
The Pavehawk fired its minigun.
by Colin Ritter August 6, 2003
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A big motherfucking gun who can pews alot and loud, badass level is over 9000
He dropped those sons of bitches with the minigun, what a badass
by SomeRandomMothafucka January 7, 2014
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An annoying gun that is in a lot of gun games. It goes "PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW!", and it does a shit ton of damage. If you run into anyone with this gun, you will get your cheeks clapped by them.
Deji: "LOL, I have a minigun, and I'm fucking everyone up!"
KSI: "Good for you, man."
by Gatelotzombie January 5, 2021
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The Austrian Minigun is one of the must time consuming sexual acts involving , 6-8 large Austrian men (preferable with a military background) unloading their seed on to a willing participant while rotating in a clock wise motion.
Bobby: me and my girl want to get freaky in the bed room

Timmy: If you know 6-8 Austrian men you could give here the Austrian minigun.
by Yung Kashi February 3, 2018
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