1. Term used to describe an ox or similar animal.
2. Slang term translating to American English "dude" or similar word; term of camaraderie.
¡Ay, buey! ¡Alli viene la policia!
by Asmodeus December 8, 2003
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Buey (also pronounced "guey") literally means castrated ox, but is used like "dude."
Es la frontera, buey.
by thevegas May 21, 2006
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A Mexican-Spanish insult. Literally translated: a castrated bull. In slang usage refers to a man who is being led around by a woman who is cheating on him like a steer by it's nose-ring. Will start a fight in some parts of Mexico.
"Hey, buey!"
*gunfight ensues*
by Frank509 February 26, 2017
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No seas buey cabron!
Translation: Don't be a dumb fuck asshole!
by Tony October 19, 2003
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buey, pronounced WAY is a spanish term to either compliment someone or to thouroughly make them feel like shit..similiar to NIGGA
odele buey! that mofo is a complete buey, buey!
by mister ardvarkk June 14, 2004
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A Bad ass Buick Lasabre that is capable of just about everything. In The Buey, You can do 360's, Bottom it out on The Roller Coaster, and Hit 80 on back roads. Though This Buey may not look amazing. It is still and always will be a Vagina Magnet/ Sex Machine.
Damn, Did you see Casey Jump The Buey?
Gage bottomed out The Buey on The Roller Coaster.
Tyler is known as The Buey Whisperer.

I want to have sex With The Buey.
by The Buick Lasabre April 25, 2011
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Buey means boy in Orcadian and can be used as:
1. A greeting
2. A statement of disappointment

It is pronounced büy. It is very commonly used in Orkney, though I have never heard it used any where else.
1. Hello buey, what like the day?
2. Oh buey buey, what have you done?
by Manoo January 17, 2008
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