76 definition by Ash

Iuno is I don't Know, but One word :)
23:33 <Donkie747> What you guys doing
23:34 <Dash`> rofl
23:35 <Donkie747> rofl?
23:36 * Q sets mode: +o Gen|Work
23:36 <Dash`> iuno
by Ash October 13, 2004

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To have a sequence or procedure mastered to where it is almost second nature.
I beat Ganon so many times that summer, I had the whole game pretty much dialed in.
by Ash April 26, 2005

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A not-so-common Australian farewell.
See you Monday, alright hoo roo.
by Ash December 07, 2004

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An internet text game (www.darkthrone.com) in which users waste away their lives clicking buttons and talking about clicking on buttons.

Highly addictive!
Pete: You weren't at my party last night Dave.
Dave: I was on DarkThrone.
by Ash January 22, 2005

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An Australian greeting commonly used in conjunction with g'day.
Derived from the words 'how is it going?'
Similar to the phrase 'how are you?'
g'day mate, howzit goin?
by Ash December 07, 2004

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i don't give a shit but i tried doesn't mean i was trying to do anything good
(jumps off clif but doesn't die) i did my best
by ash November 30, 2003

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donagh is an old irish name meaning brown worrier of earth chief.

modern meaning - a large or intimidating male or male characteristic; a penis or phallic object, and a very big male. also, refrence to positive male characteristics, a protector, an incredible lover and all desirable traits - god like.
"the man is a donagh"
by ash March 07, 2005

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