Some kind of wierd graffiti that keeps popping up on the sides of buildings everywhere. Usually accompanied by a cute little pair of feet with oversized big toes. Sometimes the words "dipset" appear with the little feet.
Ignorant white dude #1: "Stop 176...I wonder what that means."

Ignorant white dude #2: "I'm sure it's some black thing we wouldn't understand. And what's with the little feet?"

by mistressbladez January 24, 2008
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One of the MOST broken tanks in World of Tanks.

Here is some broken mechanics:
> Tier X equivalent armor
> Incredibly fast when using speed booster
> And finally... incredibly broken gun!

Seriously, if that tank is going to be your main (or it is already)... you should sell it ASAP to not get addicted or consider uninstalling this game OR EVEN... killing yourself for the sake of balanced matchmaking.
An actual WoT Pro Player: Sweet! Another mastery in my AMX 50 100!
People: GG WP bro!

Some gay faglord: EZ, another 8k damage in my BZ-176, slaying these low armor pigs is just EZ...
People: F**k off, faglord. Go back to Fortnite!
S.G.F.: cry about it nub(s) + ez ratio.
by EarRape Fan December 29, 2022
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