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The president who staged the first preemptive strike in the history of the United States of America using the sole justification that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Later, when no wmds were found, he fiddled with terror alerts, implied connections between Iraq and 9/11, changed the definition of the word "liberation" to "invasion", and generally deceived the American people.

George Bush constantly encourages misconceptions about the war on Iraq and John Kerry, possibly because he does not understand these things himself.

If you disagree, tell me, why DID we go to war with Iraq? Don't just say why we should have gone, or what makes sense to you (i.e. Saddam Houssein was a dictator, find out exactly what George Bush told us.
George Bush is either incredibly dumb or... no, he's just incredibly dumb.
by Artie November 01, 2004
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Dick Cheney is the devil in human form
by Artie November 02, 2004
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Another word for earth.Between Hell and Heaven.
An asteroid is coming to hellven!!!!!!
by artie March 16, 2004
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when you bite into a ham sandwich with to much mayo and it gets stuck to the roof of your mouth.
I had to use my tongue to free up my hamjam.
by artie May 24, 2003
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A perverted word that originated from a gay guy named Erv.
Erv! Stop being an ervert!
by artie March 05, 2004
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When someone pulls the slide of the bong a little to hard and accidently lets it go, flying arcoss the room, thus ruining a session.
Craig is an idiot. He jetpacked the bowl during our session.
by aRTie November 01, 2013
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