A comeback to "you swallow" meaning the act of biting someone's dick. It's basically just constant comebacks saying what u do to someone's dick. "You suck" means sucking it ofc, "You swallow" means swallowing cum, and you bite means you bite da dick...
by DefenitionManInnit March 24, 2021
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used in Romeo and Juliet. during that time period it was the equal of flicking someone off= highly offensive.
"do you bite your thumb at us sir?"
"yeah, wanna make something of it?"
by a loser March 11, 2004
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Don’t help someone who will try and harm or harass you.
Like being nice villagers in remote country who then attack you and as it suits them to receive aid and simultaneously fight you.
I told him Don’t Feed the Hand That Bites you as he was trying to to get on the good side of his upstairs neighbor that promptly dumped coffee on his laundry.
by fonty July 11, 2010
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