A group of people who defend Nintendo's crappy business practices. Their natural habitat is mostly Twitter.
Guy 1: Bro, 3D All Stars is an effortless cash grab
Guy 2: No it's not
Guy 3: Careful, Guy 2 is a Nintendo fan
by itsjustGV April 30, 2021
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One who has strong resolve. A resilient person, a nintendo fan has suffered from a lack of good adult games for the GCN. They are forced to sit back and watch silently as PS2 fans and XBOX fans laugh in their face with their Halo and Fatal Frame and Devil May Cry games. But nonetheless the Nintendo fan remains strong, taking comfort in Mario's fireballs and Samus's Varia Suit. Because, by god, they believe in the original, the roots of gaming. And without our roots, what are we? Long live the Nintendo fan. Be proud of what you are, for even in these dark days, there still is hope.
NintendoFan345: Yes, I know that Nintendo has no strong adult games. (besides Killer 7 and Resident Evil 4) But I'm still damn proud to be a Nintendo Fan.
by PikaFan157 July 20, 2006
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The best site evarrrr!!!!!111111///////??????/1111111//////./!?!?!
I won't include the URL for Nintendo Fans because that would be spamming.
by Golemio February 29, 2004
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people who blabber the most useless words and get mad at the tinniest mistakes or some that NO ONE CARED ABOUT, the DUM fans will constantly say ok but what about game name its the most stupid argument because im pretty sure people forgot about MAMIO KART 9 2 YEARS AFTER MAMIO KART 8 DELUXE CAME OUT, BECUSE IM SURE I DID. they will never be sastfied with what Nintendo brings out, EVEN if its what they asked for years, ex Splatoon 3, finally gets announced, (realease date is 2022 i honestly think we would be better off not knowing, PS: i meant to spell these wrong) yet they say ItS TrAsH aNd ShOuLd Go To VeDiO GaME HeCk, sometime their grammar sucks or give awful reasons for why they are mad, and if they are proven wrong they will make the most dum comebacks usually saying YoR JUest6etetted CRTEYIUOPEOIUHUFYEUIDJKLFK and much more, and do you know what? sometimes people AGREE WITH THEM, PEOPLE THAT HAVE A WORKING BRAIN! the only reason why they are so mad is because they are hung over something that happened half a year ago by the time of posting this, Nintendo live stream of a Splatoon 2 (i got mixed up on the game the tournament was focused on, so its Splatoon not melee) tournament being cancelled because of people saying save melee(still getting an stream from themselves) in my opinion its stupid, since they still made one themselves, almost destroying the entire point of why Nintendo canceled it in the first place, almost, it still a fact that they canceled the live stream
Nintendo "fans" 2021 are dum and shouldn't exist
by someone else thats not u February 25, 2021
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