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when your fucking a chick doggy against the wall & you pull out & stick it up her arse without warning & her arms & legs wave around menacingly like a gecko
'you should have seen my chick do the gecko last night after i stuck my dick in her arse without notice...she tried to scramble up the wall like a gecko'
by whiskey fingers October 03, 2008
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The act where a dominant male performs an upward reptilian shuffle on a submissive female, climbing until he can get his salamander firmly anchored in the throat of his victim.
I didn't think she was going to perform fellatio of her own accord, so i unleashed 'the gecko' and started to climb. I made the summit and achieved maximum suction.
by Jl8e5oM September 09, 2014
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When you are laying behind someone in a spooning position and you tongue tap their back until they notice
Matt was behind Kasia performing the Gecko, but she didn't notice for about three minutes and her shoulder was soggy.
by legionrused September 19, 2009
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