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A virus created by Myg0t, a forum comprised of hacker clans that grief the lands of Counter Strike. Parodied in "I hate yuo myg0t", a flash that pokes fun at CS nerds where some nerd named Konane is tricked into downloading it by Myg0t members.
"You should try downloading sp0rkeh; here's the link:"
"Well, okay, sounds pretty neat."
by AoA February 06, 2010
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A Tier 3 Perk in Call of Duty 4 and World at War which makes both your primary weapon's and secondary weapon/side arm's accuracy from the hip (no sight) MUCH improved. It is a big boost, since even the M14, which is notorious for having a lot of recoil from the hip is almost as accurate as when aimed from the sights.
The M14 was a nightmare to use when in a quick reaction because I didn't use the sights and it recoiled like crazy. Then I put Steady Aim on and I don't need the sights anywhere near as much!
by AoA March 04, 2009
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the act of fisting someone's ass then inserting your penis and jerking off inside their ass
John h's boyfriend gave him the stuffed turkey last night, that is why he is walking like a cowboy
by Aoa November 26, 2014
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1: The front seat next to the driver in a vehicle, normally called out loud to get the seat.

2: A gun that fires a shell which bursts into a lot of buckshot pellets that spread very quickly. The damage of all these pellets put together is enormous, making the gun one of the strongest ever at close range (from point blank to about four meters), but because of the fast spread nearly useless at long range.
I'm driving.

Hey I call shotgun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
by AoA April 05, 2009
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A poorly drawn retarded stick man with a big right foot and a small cock, and he always runs around with "I NEED VIAGRA" next to his head, and in his movies, he often gets into a big problem, with his movies abruptly ending with scribbles covering the screen over a loud fart.
The viagra-needer needs viagra.
by AoA May 18, 2008
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A slang term for human testicles founded by the players of world of warcraft
"man...he just told a gm to touch his penis...he has some huge necratogs"
by AoA January 30, 2007
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A powerful battle tank in Halo, that's most likely the deadliest weapon in the game. It has a cannon that shoots 90mm shells that can kill any infantry and most vehicles instantly, and also has a machine gun for close range. The machine gun was used by the driver/cannon shooter in Halo CE and 2 but was shifted to a passenger in Halo 3. It's much better than the Wraith tank, as it's faster (except if the Wraith uses its boosters), the shells are much faster, accurate and slightly stronger, and it only has one weak spot (the canopy that the driver gets into) unlike the Wraith which has two obvious ones. Naturally, it owns everything, and is so tough even a Spartan Laser can't destroy it one shot. Run!
The UNSC got a battalion of M808 MBT Scorpions and pwned several Wraiths and Scarabs in Halo.
by AoA February 19, 2009
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