15 definitions by Antisarcasm

Hulk bruh is truly one of the bruhs of all time. A new and improved bruh.
She-hulk makes me wanna hulk bruh.
by Antisarcasm August 27, 2022
That moan expressed forcefully and jokingly by men.
Can we get a hooyeah~~?
by Antisarcasm June 23, 2021
Or cinder block

Interjection used to throw a cinderblock (to a someone/something) or an object resembling a cinderblock; alternative for ' yeet'
*kid driving a bike*
Cameraman: cinderblock
by Antisarcasm May 13, 2022
almost no; almost none of; minuscule amounts of
I get little-to-no breakfast every day.
by Antisarcasm March 29, 2022
short for desynchronize/desynchronization
• (v.) to remove the synchronization of 2 or more characters' (esp. in a puzzle game) movements, expressions, interconnection, etc.
• (n.) the act/way of desyncing
These 2 characters need to be desynced ASAP. It's annoying!
by Antisarcasm May 10, 2022
"Hey dawg, want some ice cream?"
"Hell yeah! That's my fav!"
by Antisarcasm November 13, 2020
Opposite to: Quality content

- Content that is more focused on uploading/publishing rather than producing the best content just for the sake of their subscribers/followers
I like content creators that produce a mix of quality content and quantity content.
by Antisarcasm June 14, 2022