short for desynchronize/desynchronization
• (v.) to remove the synchronization of 2 or more characters' (esp. in a puzzle game) movements, expressions, interconnection, etc.
• (n.) the act/way of desyncing
These 2 characters need to be desynced ASAP. It's annoying!
by Antisarcasm May 10, 2022
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The act of reversing the "sync" of a cd to ones itunes library after unconciously adding. Typically accompanied with a: "How the hell did that get in there?!?"
"I put my iTunes on party shuffle and in between Dragonforce and The cars, Paramore and Evanescence made an appearance , so I had to Desync them."

"Lamesauce dude."
by Darcy Chumang August 28, 2008
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