21 definitions by Anonymus Bosch

A weener that is considered small when compared to other weeners.
Did you see the little weeners? I think I'll have a brat instead.
by Anonymus Bosch July 14, 2006
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To front money you don't expect to get back, refunded, or applied to future expenses (as in pulling cash out of your pocket).
I wanted to get that fish-food service, but I had to come up with $45 out-of-pocket.
by Anonymus Bosch June 20, 2006
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Source of the word "pathetic." An almost predetermined likelihood that events will play out in a certain way. Resistance is futile (pathetic)... the 'stupidity' of trying to change things that are obviously going to go in a certain direction.
Manfred was overcome by the pathos in Hamlet.

Jimmy saw the oil all over the road right in front of his car, so he stomped on the brakes and turned the wheel to avoid the concrete wall on the other side. How pathetic.

by Anonymus Bosch June 28, 2006
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An online gamer that buys (with real money) currency in an online world (pretend money) from someone who's really good at figuring out how to make money in an online world.

The exchange rate can be outrageous... 20 million in-game currency units for 10-20 actual dollars.
Pythagoras: "That level TWO Cleric just gave me a million gold pieces for no reason!"

Fluffybunny: "Methinks I smell an eBay Millionaire."
by Anonymus Bosch October 17, 2006
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To accuse someone of a misdeed to an authority (as in pointing your finger at someone).
"They found the broken window and asked John about it. He started fingering Manfred right away, so they let him go and hauled Manfred in to talk about it."
by Anonymus Bosch January 06, 2006
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A person that, while bathing in a bathtub, farts and then either bites at or pops the resulting bubbles. I personally first heard this definition in the early 70s.
(bathroom door opens, howl of anguish, door slams) Mister, your wife's a DORK! I mean an ACTUAL DORK!
by Anonymus Bosch April 04, 2006
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Short for flannel, the comfy wintertime fabric.
"Matilda sure looked hot in her new flan jammies, 'specially 'cause she forgot the pants."
by Anonymus Bosch January 06, 2006
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