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Jim Morrison is GOD. He is the all time best rock-poet in the universe. He rapes all rap artists who think they can sing. His singing touches everyone who listens to him. The Doors were the all time coolest sixties band, led by Jim.
Jim Morrison sings great and puts on a good show. Nelly eats dick.
by Anonymus February 12, 2005

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HOT n SEXY pimp
Shayan is a hot mofo!
by Anonymus December 30, 2003

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Cutters are people who have a serious prblem.They do it whenever they can't handle the pain, that they are feeling, anymore.Like a boyfriend or a girlfriend who left them and that they cared for.So they cut themselves and to them it relieves the pain.
If you know some one that is a cutter talk to them about it and try to help THEM get help.
by Anonymus May 05, 2004

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1.Friends are people who are supposed to be there for you.
2.Friends don't abandon you.
3.Friends help you and tell you whenever you have a serious problem like cutting yourself.
4.Friends don't bail on you whenever its the hardest for you.
My true friends that I know will not leave me when I am having tough times are my boyfriend and my friend Brian.
by Anonymus May 05, 2004

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an unexplainable phenomanon of a person that cannot be caged or controlled by any form on our planet.
is that a mitko, or what?
by anonymus May 06, 2005

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1.Friendship is like a relationship. Its just with a true friend instead of a companion.
2.It is also something that you should have with your companion.
Your friendship with your true friend is different form the one you share with your companion.
by Anonymus May 04, 2004

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Friendship is something between two or more people who can trust each other and that will never turn their back on each other no matter what.
Friendship can last forever if its with the right people. People you can trust.
by Anonymus May 05, 2004

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