41 definitions by Anonymus

Ugly ass dude who is proud of his ugliness
Ephez claimed to be the Lord of All That is Not Pleasing To The Eye without objection from anyone
by Anonymus October 31, 2003
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Enfos Team Survival!!!
A fun and popular warcraft 3 map.
I am Going to play Enfos Team Survival because it is fun - ME!?!
by Anonymus July 22, 2004
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He is a wrinkley old shit head for sure, the kind of man that pisses on the toilet seat then lifts it up to hide what a bad man he has been
that dirty bastard is a real dasilva
by Anonymus January 7, 2004
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E-Crush is when someone has a crush on someone they met through the internet. Ofcourse they've had no contact with this person outside the internet. E-crushes are superficial and should NOT be taken seriously. Most people take a short time to get over e-crushes as they usually mean nothing
"Stop having an e-crush! Get someone who's 100% not a fake person!!"
by Anonymus July 4, 2005
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A person who thinks they are better than anyone in school. Also, a person who is sensitive and doesn't like when people talk about them, but talks about other people behing their backs.
"Jessie Krupka is a straight-up prep!"
by Anonymus May 15, 2004
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A character supposedly made up by Drunkmagikoopa.
He is just a Kermit head with pubes all around him and a homosexuality beyond imagination.
He usually speaks with incredibly sick language using the words poop, ass, dildo etc.
There are also some variations like the pube Jason, the pube fozzie, the pube peggy, and the pube Ein.
"What the fuck? what kind of a piece of shit stablishment is this? FUCK OFF AND LET ME BE!"-the pube muppet
by Anonymus March 17, 2006
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