42 definitions by Anonymus

A)Someone who works with shit all day.

B)An exclamitory term

A word invented by Sean VanDenburgh of Stockport NY
A) Look at that shitsmith fixing the portapotty!

B) Holy SHitsmith your mom is fat!
by anonymus November 09, 2003
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he loves men named myke
gessner loves mychal
by anonymus December 04, 2003
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Fox Chapel
Fox Chapel is a cool place to live
by anonymus February 09, 2004
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someone who says they are intelligent in the wrong way
Tyler: I am very intelligence!
by Anonymus February 07, 2003
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a Barbie doll or a racist term used to describe asians
that Jagaboo was looking awfully mad when i stole his waffles.
by anonymus June 20, 2003
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G.W.A.R is the best shock rock, heavy metal, Death Metal band in the world!!!!
dude i went to that G.W.A.R concert on halloween at THE RAVE that show kicked ass i got blood and Jiz sprayed on me!! but the jiz was fake? i think
by anonymus June 20, 2003
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He is a wrinkley old shit head for sure, the kind of man that pisses on the toilet seat then lifts it up to hide what a bad man he has been
that dirty bastard is a real dasilva
by anonymus January 07, 2004
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