One who spells. One who spells correctly. Having the ablity to spell.

Antonyms: everyone who uses AIM
wonbadazzzdood2158: "hey man how r u?"
timister8425: "WTF?!"
wonbadazzzdood2158: "I asked how u r"
timister8425 has signed off
by Woodent Yu Liik Tou No April 2, 2005
Noun: A person who spells, as in words.
Marc: "He spelt my name as Mark!"
Yucel: "OMG! What a bitch!"
Marc: Yeah I know! David Manson is a horrible Spellerer.
by C4ndl3s August 4, 2009
Used by a Newby to practice and perfect all mannors of unspeakable sexual deeds. Enjoys being dominated and told what to do by said Newby.

Cannot find his balls cause said Newby has locked them in a safe!
Marty how does it feel to be Newby's Speller?

Check out the bad man being a speller!
by Effing and Jeffing March 7, 2008
Spellerness is when one is so caught up with an argument, that they go all out and way over the top and end up winning the argument. When one has spellerness they do not care about what other people think about what they are doing.
Wow he has such Spellerness when debating about that!
by Debating May 5, 2020
Selling a car to a compete idiot who will then pester you for months on end when things go wrong, even on parts they fitted themselves.
He's come back 5 times this week saying the wheels he put on are buckled, I think I have done a Speller
by mugland December 14, 2012
A grammatical affliction common among users of email, online chat, and text messaging, wherein the afflicted deem themselves too busy and too stupid to spell correctly.
"Were u at? Met me at the mal after wok and well go shoppeng. Oops. I got serous Speller's Cramp! LOL."
by tbonewilson July 22, 2009
An awkward term that is used when somebody wants to mask their failure with their great spelling skills. They often aren't actually that great at spelling and could probably lose to a monkey in a spelling contest. They want scholarships from it but don't know why they aren't coming. They will probably end up being in the lower class. Unless, you know, the ScRiPpS sPeLlInG bEe comes along.
Bobbeee: Have you heard? Sundra is getting Fs in all of her classes!
Jonnie: Yeah. She's actually my ex. I'm so happy that she is failing. At least she won't follow me to MIT (Maximum Institute of Turndowns)
Sundra (from all the way across the room): Hey! That's not nice! I'm actually a speller and I will win next week's unofficial spelling contest between me and my pet orangutan! *stars sweating heavily*. Most definitely
by SchauchRodd November 3, 2021