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The image created on the head of a pint of guinness, or other stout, by the careful.pouring of a skillfull bar tender, often in response to a request for a shamrock, when the request us made too late kn the round, for example after all other drinks have been poured. The Guinness penis may be an accidental creationi if the bar tender is particularly tired and/or emotional, or it may be entirely deliberate if the customer is at fault. It can be avoided by always ordering the Guinness first and by asking the bar tender to 'take one for themselves'
Nanette: Do you think thus looks like a guinness penis on my pint?
Fkeur: Did you order it last again? Hmm?
by Angel_k June 26, 2022
A sculpture which may, when viewed from the correct angle, resemble an erect penis.
Claire: Hey have you seen that new sculpture, Dream?
Annette: That's a knobelisk and a half!
Claire: I love public art!
by Angel_k May 23, 2010
Game played by bored female office workers, wherein an individual is selected and then compared with Bill Oddie. The game can be played using individuals known to both players or celebrities.

Rules: One must be selected as a sexual partner, death isn't an option.

Outcome: It's surprising how often Bill must get laid!
Nanette: I'm bored, how about Playing Bill Oddie
Fleur: OK. David Cameron or Bill Oddie?
Nanette: Ugh. Have to be Bill again. Are you sure death isn't an option?
Fleur: You wish! Your turn.
by Angel_k May 7, 2011
The manner of walking while wearing Uggs (other brands of boots are available) resulting in unnatural shuffling motions and noises which may be disturbing to the people around you
Jannette: What's that really annoying noise?
Fleur: Sorry, it's me, I've got my Uggs on
Jannette: Well stop shuggling at least! And get dressed!
by Angel_k January 16, 2011
Nanette: Fancy coming swimming tomorrow?
Fleur: No thanks, it's ladies' week
by Angel_k April 3, 2011
Use in any situation when saying what you really think would be a mistake.
The silent knobhead works in the same way as the 'magic e' or split digraph, as adding it at the end of a word or sentence changes the sound and meaning of the rest of the phrase. It results from implied use of the word knobhead at the end of a sentence, without actually saying it, thus changing the meaning of the sentence. The benefits of using the silent knobhead are that your conversation should be able to continue without the other party realising that they have been insulted, therefore maintaining and protecting relationships, for example with family, friends of friends, or colleagues.
Nannette: Oh my god, did you hear what Christian said to me? He must really mean that he wants us to be friends if he's offering me a massage after the gym!
Fleur: Yes, of course he does. He's probably interested in you for your mind (silent knobhead)!
by Angel_k April 12, 2013
Scouse Orig.

The act of intruding, joining in, becoming part of something which doesn't concern you & of which you have insufficient knowledge.
Jannette: I've always found it works best if you wash it first..
Fleur: Stop gegging in, no one asked you!
by Angel_k November 22, 2010