the act of leaving a bowel movement unflushed in a public restroom so as to let others enjoy it's natural beauty and splendor.
by Dickie Moist November 6, 2003
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More commonly known as "graffiti" or "vandalism," public art is public. However, the distinct difference is that public art has a meaning.
Person 1: Did you vandalize this?
Person 2: No, it's not vandalism. It's public art.
by Anarcho-Punk March 23, 2013
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A way to convince people that it is them getting something out of viewing the art rather than the artist(s) making money. At least in a museum, it's obvious to people that somebody is made money out of it somewhere along the way, since they bought tickets, and could have chosen not to.
Public art is something under the guise of benefitting everybody instead of something that benefits the artist(s).
by The Original Agahnim July 1, 2021
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