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pissing in a chicks mouth. Technically impossible with an erection, so it's a common punishment for bad head.
she didn't know how to suck cock. in fact, she was so bad i lost my boner. so i gave her a dirty russin and kicked her out of the car.
by Anti January 17, 2005

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Sex act. When doing it doggie style, you reach around and grab the girls tits and say something to piss her off ("wow, your tits feel just like your sister's..." "oh god, mary... (when her name is jane)" "damn, your loose, who'd you fuck now?" etc.) and try to hold on as long as you can.
I pulled a rodeo with amy last night, I was only on for 2.7 seconds. she's strong when she wants to be.
by Anti November 12, 2004

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take the f out of safe and the f out of way
there's no f in way.
there's no effin' way.
by anti March 17, 2005

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Home of cheap weed, tiny local music scene, and birthplace of 36 Crazyfists.
you know you're an alaskan when 40 seems balmy.

Muklah: Hey, lets get the fuck out of here.
Bashbeck: I know, we can start a band!
by Anti December 18, 2004

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The CORRECT spelling of, though not as common as, poser. ironicly, the word's history is much like it's definition. a posuer is someone who desides to be something, act and/or dress a certain way to fit in or be cool, not because of what it stands for. This can apply to almost any walk of life, including but not limited to: punk, goth, emo, hardcore, skateboarding, snowboarding, and a certain band.

How to spot a posuer: will look like the thing they are posing as, but almost always to a greater extent. If you ask them about the subject, they will go on and on about how cool it is, while giving little or no background about it. May often call YOU a posuer. Specifics:
Punk: Will wear band shirts like avril lavigne (dead give away, not as common) or Good Charolette, will wear ragged or ripped clothes, although it is apparently new or from Abercrombie. Will talk about anarchy all day, or about how much they hate facists.

Goth: more bondage straps than a sex-shop. more saftey pins than a fabric shop. Will talk about manson all day, and about how much they cut themselves, hate preps, adults, and life in general (but dont kill themselves...).

Emo: listens to Dashboard confessional. period. also likes bands like the get up kids and simple plan. wears oversized wool sweaters or scarves, and if spoken to, will cry. will cry with no provocation at all. will do all this because they think it will get them pity sex.

Skateboarders: will wear brands like: Volcom stone, etnies, element, quicksilver, or other 'posuer' brands. just go to your local skate shop for more info on these brands. will carry their skateboards everywhere, even though they obviously have no scratches on them, or worse, scrape their boards against the curb for the effect. listens to pop punk. when at the skatepark, will not actually ride the skateboard. when spoken to, will get fidgety and maybe run.

snowboarders: harder to spot, but will sit outside their house with goggles on to get a goggle tan. will claim all the crazy stuff they can do, or how they sent a video to burton. etc.
by anti February 11, 2005

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1. Rock band
2. Australian/British Term for a bisexual.
3. Alternate current/direct current
1. back in black, tnt, etc.
2. She's a handful, but lotsa fun mate. She's AC DC.
3. a bunch of electrical crap
by Anti December 22, 2004

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Little caddies or other late model cars that people lower to get the effect of being low to the ground. Usually driven by mexicans or 'gangsters'. Sometimes outfitted with hydraulics.
Low riders are for guys who can't get it up.

Damn, look at that wankster in that low rider... someone's a yuppie...
by Anti October 15, 2004

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