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Anti Christ Devils Child is not what AC/DC means, jackass. They got it from the back of a sewing machine. It means Alternate Current Direct Current
I know seven AC/DC songs with the line, 'Pick up the phone.'
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 May 22, 2004
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1) A bisexual

2) Austrailian hard rock band formed in NewSouthWales in the seventies. Had a string of monster hits such as Highway to Hell, Thunderstruck, You shook me all night long.

3)Alternating Current/Direct Current

4)Accio Ciutadana de Catalunya (Citizen Action of Catalonia; Spanish Catalan Party)

5) Advisory Council on Development Cooperation

6) Agricultural Communications Documentation Center

7) Asociación de Consumidores de Derivados del Cannabis

8) Austrian Cluster Data Centre
No stop signs, speed limit

Nobody's gonna slow me down

Like a wheel, gonna spin it

Nobody's gonna mess me round

Hey Satan, paid my dues

Playing in a rocking band

Hey Momma, look at me

I'm on my way to the promised land...

I'm on the highway to hell...

highway to hell...
by Gumba Gumba March 03, 2004
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the best damn rock n roll band in the world. makers of the following exelently
kick as albums..back n black..hwy to hell..razors edge. also the best godammed guitar player in the world plays for them
ac/dc rocks.
lets go see ac/dc
ac/dc kicks ass
fuck you, ac/dc rocks!
by badassedguitarplayer June 25, 2003
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A rock band that brought greatness out of simplicity. Created by the Young brothers, the band has changed alot since its beginning. These guys are fifty years old and they are still rocking as hard as ever.
by k1llu2 November 28, 2004
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1. Rock band
2. Australian/British Term for a bisexual.
3. Alternate current/direct current
1. back in black, tnt, etc.
2. She's a handful, but lotsa fun mate. She's AC DC.
3. a bunch of electrical crap
by Anti December 22, 2004
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