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A part of the US military that uses acronyms and knows how to spell, unlike their USMC brothers that think ARMY is an acronym for "ain't ready to be marines yet". When I tried it was ARTBMY. US ARMY actually means "Uncle Sam Ass Raped Me Yesterday"

- Have fought in every war for our nation, not guarded unruly sailors.

- Are capable of thinking, at least the Airborne, SF, Rangers. A very dangerous weapon indeed! The Marines react, which has its place.

- Are not a branch of the Navy

- The ARMY gives awards for "being"

- Wears black berets like Saddam Hussein did

- Gets things done without a cheerleader type PR... you know who does. The ARMY hires shitty advertising agencies.

- Admits to its mistakes
It's a War when the Army gets involved.
by Alpino September 15, 2008
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where you put the bullets into a person in a quick shot

the six inches wide region below the throat and above the navel where you have the best chance of hitting a human with bullets, usually at a longer range,,, over 100 meters
"aim center mass" bang

I aim for center mass every time
by Alpino November 06, 2009
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The best weapon on the planet, in the right.... or wrong hands. It takes trained or determined infantryman to use it properly... not a "soulja" gangbanger spraying it sideways and hitting their neighbor's three year old... not some clown haji insurgent that has seen too many Rambo movies and shoots from the hip.

Can be buried in mud for years and still kill.

Has killed more people with "real guns" than any other weapon.
The most dangerous thing in the world is a hungry peasant with an AK.
by Alpino September 14, 2008
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per gli alpini l'impossibile non esiste

for the Alpini the impossible does not exist
by Alpino November 06, 2009
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an Italian mountain troop

aka "scarpa" a boot
Alpino Rossi del turno di - Alpino Rossi reporting for duty
by Alpino November 06, 2009
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All the Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi types working for KBR in Iraq or Afghanistan. Some are really coolio and dream of the great 7-11 in the sky the USA, some hate the USA cause we pay them $5 a day. The ones in country work their asses off at laundry or cooking, but the ones in the bazaars are real rip off artists, swindling Joes, who miss the great PX in the sky Wal-Mart back home
The coolies in the DEFAC are great but the ones at the bazaar selling bootleg DVDs and trinket are real cocks.
by Alpino January 18, 2012
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