20 definition by All girls know Long Pole Joe

A penis that has bumps and bruises from fudge packing tranny's with Kristy Crust and corn. The ball sack also have bumps or cauliflower like growths.

The length can vary but most are short and curved. Giving the appearance of a gourd.
Dude look at my gourd dick. Nice looking pickle stick.

Has Kristy ever road your gourd dick? Yes she love the bend.
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A name for a small dick that's the size of a Hot Dog. The fact is having a little weiner is most common in the Ross Ohio area.
I sure hope that my Hot Dog isn't to small for Renne.

Have you seen Jimmy's penis? Yes it's little and looks like a hotdog.
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Hands down Randy....Well it all started with him getting a few blow jobs. Then some fudge packing and it was official.

Randy loves crossdressers and meat smokers. Yes Randy is proof that guys with big dicks are gay.
Randy is such a Tranny King.
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Twisty is a great way to start the day!

The lude act of turning the nipples really fast. Or pinching the vagina lips.
Hey stop giving me a twisty!

Dude her lips are loose from all those twisty's.
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The term used for a males small flap of skin between Dehners legs. Used for masturbation only. The normal penis is 4.75 erect.

But this penis is way to small to move in and out. Without taking the chance of falling out. The tiny skin fold resembles a Vienna sausage or jellybean.
Mike has a Tiny Little Dick for a nerdy beer belly construction worker.

Renee told Joe that his penis is 5 x's the size of her exe Mike's Little Dick.
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A term used for tranny loving college kids that have a below average penis.The sad fact of having a well below average penis size is common in the Ross Ohio community. When you can't please your sexual partner due too being so small in your trousers.
Kristy does Mike have Dehner Dick?
Yes...And so does Sean.

Theresa said Joe does not suffer from Dehner Dick. But instead she suffers from sore vagina.
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When you wife sees you getting out of the shower and laughs. You say what's so funny? She answers ...your nuts are wrinkly and twisted like a Turkey gobbler.
Man it's hot out today. I am starting to get a rash on my Turkey Balls.

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