It basically means hoe. It's kinda a more fun way to type it
John: Would you ever date her?
Jack: Nah man, she's a heaux
by Dumb Definer December 12, 2015
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Cajun variation for whore, ho, or hoe. See "whore", "hoe", my last gf.
When I visited LSU, I gave the LD to this sorority heaux while her boyfriend went out to buy condoms.
by Al-BadDaddy November 17, 2017
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“Heaux” is an endearing way to spell “hoe”. You may use it in place of more vulgar slangs when you are mentioning someone you consider a friend. “Heaux” is not to be used in a derogatory way as it was born out of the idea that women can take empowerment back from words used so long to destroy them. It was coined by the account “blitzedtodeath” in 2014, they said they made the word up by trying to find the most exotic spelling for “hoe” to use in its place. “Vultureandmeatbaggamming” popularized the term to the public by using their twitch platform.
Hey heaux, it’s been a while!!

She’s my 1# heaux :))

I love you heaux
by forestree December 13, 2020
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A slang term of endearment for a bestie or close friend.

Also used as a playful way for one woman to put another woman in her place. Not to be spoken by a man to a woman or it becomes offensive.
See that bad bitch over there? She's my Heaux! She's my girl and ain't nobody messing with her!

Chu lookin at Heaux?
by SocietyHaute January 4, 2014
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Florene slept with half of the football team, and th other half felt left out; she was a heaux.
by Cranberry Bob November 16, 2019
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