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Dock or “Docking” is another word for sex, you’re dick being the ship/vessel and the docking area being the vagina.
Guy 1: Docked my ship in Veronica last nite.
Guy 2: Bro that’s great and all, but we’re in church do you mind not talking like that?
by Aggin and Aggin January 26, 2019
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A table with a hole on top which the male sticks his penis in while there is a female on the bottom pleasuring him in a variety of ways. Most commonly jerking and sucking.
I just bought my husband a milking table!
by Aggin and Aggin June 21, 2015
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Sometimes the term for a Caucasian female that attends starbucks regularly, wears uggs, sometimes hipster clothing, is a slut, talks very sluggishly, owns a selfie stick, always around other girls, most occasions White girls can also be lightskin and even black.
Have you seen Laurine recently? Shes such a typical white girl.
by Aggin and Aggin June 21, 2015
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To get slapped-out means to get told off or ridiculed verbally for getting something wrong, mainly from a boss/someone you’re doing something for.

It’s basically the vocal equivalent of a slap to the face.

This stems from the ideology that some parents have of slapping their kids as a form of punishment if they fall out of line, eventually hoping to correct their behaviour. Hence the phrase “slapped-out”.
Henry: I got slapped-out by the boss today.
Mable: What happened this time?
Henry: I got the address wrong on today’s invoice and it never made it to his desk.
Mable: Probably just in a bad mood, you should’ve seen how he slapped-out Charlie the other day.


Bob: My wife slapped me out yesterday for staying at the bar too late.
Tom: I hate when my wife slaps me out man, I’d do anything to avoid it.
by Aggin and Aggin February 9, 2022
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The incorrect answer to 9 + 10. Originaly started by a kid on vine. When asked what 9 + 10 was, replied "21"
(Dad) you're stupid. Whats 9 + 10
(Kid) 21
by Aggin and Aggin June 30, 2015
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A response that you tell a person when they say something that is off topic or not interesting, or if you are just trying to be a little shit.
Guy 1: I just got my G2 today!
Guy 2: Yeah, but I didn't ask.
Guy 1: You're such an asshole.
by Aggin and Aggin March 20, 2017
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