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Extremely intoxicated. Unable to speak. Unable to function. Loss of reality
Matt: Dude order a pizza!
Nathan: mannn i wish i could but i'm docked!
by Nikkisixxbadass August 24, 2008
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meaning to be stationary, or kept in one place. Derrived from Dirty Sam in New Providence, NJ.
Man I'm docked this weekend.

(meaning I'm grounded and can't go anywhere and stationary)
by Prince Vegeta August 11, 2004
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to be removed/eliminated from or no longer able to hangout/associate with a group of friends, people, a "crew", ect. Usually because youve done somthing stupid.
George - "We all fucking hate Dom."
Carl - "I know"
Dom - "Wana hangout guys?"
George - "No Dom, you've been docked."
by RachRunzYou March 24, 2008
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It is a slang word for the famous swear-word Dickhead It is used by most Gangsta people...and of course the famous species 'chav'. Dock'ed has the same meaning as the word dickhead.
Woahhhh, i'm gunna bang you out Dock'ed!
by Emma/Smemma September 20, 2005
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