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To define snobby behavior
When people be thinking they are better than you
by Adrienne April 28, 2004

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to kiss and pet (slang)
I saw Johnny and Martha necking at the county fair.
by Adrienne January 19, 2004

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A flag to represent the sweet South. It DOES NOT stand for slavery you jackasses so stop getting your underwear in a wad.
I proudly display the rebel flag, my heritage.
by Adrienne November 06, 2004

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Nickname for Laura or Lauren.
hey laur come on over here...
by Adrienne April 22, 2004

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Best fuckin frontman of the most kickass band of all time-Guns N' Roses. Axl was SUPER SEXY and had a badass attitude to match.

Everyone says Axl was an asshole; but if I was sexually abused as a child like Axl, I`d be angry too.
Axl Rose, the man of my dreams who wrote great songs like Don`t Cry, Sweet Child O Mine, Locomotive, Knockin on Heaven`s Door, ect..
by Adrienne January 08, 2005

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A really kick-ass channel which plays music videos 24/7! Yeah..that was 10 YEARS AGO!! Now the only things MTV plays are gay shows like The Real World, Room Raiders and Degrassi!! The only time they play music videos anymore is the daily hour of TRL..which doesn't even play the whole video..about 20 seconds of it and then cuts to guests and stupid-ass promotionals!
The worst teenage channel living..I think I'll go back to Nickelodeon, lol.
by Adrienne November 15, 2003

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26 miles from Long Beach, CA, Catalina is the greatest place on Earth. But that's only if you stay at a friend's house. But the food is wonderful and there is plenty to do. Avalon is beautiful and cruise ships stop there twice per week.
Do you want to go to Catalina with us over the vacation? We can go kayaking, hiking, eat good food, relax, go to the movies...
by Adrienne February 26, 2005

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